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Godalming Joigny
Friendship Association


Groups from the two towns traditionally take it in turn to visit each other on alternate years, sometimes with Town Council representation. People normally stay with families in the other town, as arranged by the respective associations. Friendships are often established in this way, and informal visits often follow in addition to the ‘official’ occasions, for example to attend the October wine festival in Joigny.

In recent years, official visits have taken place as follows:

Joigny to Godalming, May 2008

Godalming to Joigny, October 2009

Joigny to Godalming, October 2010

Godalming to Joigny, October 2011

Joigny to Godalming, July 2012

Godalming to Joigny, October 2013


On Friday October 14 2016 a group of about 35 people will be travelling to Joigny on the occasion of the FĂȘte de Vendanges. This will include members of the Fleur de Lys lady Morris Dancing group who will be entertaining the townspeople of Joigny.

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