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Godalming Joigny
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grande place in arrasreims cathedralIt’s certainly possible to get to Joigny by train via Paris – on the main line down towards Dijon. However, most people prefer to drive down, avoiding Paris by the autoroute to the east, the E17, via Reims. This takes you most of the way, and you can arrive at Joigny in less than five hours from Calais.

But what about lunch, you may well ask? A very valid question – despite the warm welcome and evening meal that always awaits us! Some of us have found the Grande Place in Arras to be a suitable place to stop. The arches round the edge of this enormous town square shade a number of eminently possible restaurants. If you can wait a little longer, you might like to call in at the hill-top town of Laon or visit Reims, with its magnificent cathedral.

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